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by Jackie Henderson

Women in Unity Motivational Workshop


I have been working with women of all ages for over 30 years. I have seen some women shrink to new experiences and other women who “take their space” and leap out of their comfort zones with ease.  This workshop explores how we as women approach and respond to life in so many different ways. What’s your approach to life? Is it working for you?  If not, how can you change how you respond to life’s challenges?  If your life is working for you, how can you share that with others? Let’s answer these questions together.


— Jackie Henderson 

Workshop Objective:

  • Owning and sharing our gifts, talents and skill sets

  • Understand what makes us stay in situations, jobs, and relationships we have outgrown

  • Experience the joy of stepping out of our comfort zones and finding delight in new experiences

  • Encourage women into sharing the powerful experience of uniting and working together both in their personal and professional lives

  • Get women moving their bodies.  There is a change in energy and enthusiasm when women get up and move together freely and without judgment.  

The Format: 

PART 1:  Present the Women in Unity Video


PART 2: Jackie Henderson facilitates a discussion with the workshop participants.  Jackie has a powerful way of holding the space for audiences of all sizes and backgrounds.  With kindness, compassion, and extensive life experience, she leads a warm and thoughtful discussion of what women’s empowerment means to each person.  

  • What holds you back from taking risks?

  • Do you remember a time you stepped out of your comfort zone?

  • Do you believe we are stronger together?

  • What are your insecurities?

  • Do you feel good about your physical body and its wellness?

  • Do you exude confidence or shrink in this world?

  • What are your unique gifts you can share with others?


PART 3: Get Up and Move – Jackie will lead the group in the Rosie Shuffle.  This is a super easy line dance featured in the Women in Unity video.  It’s easy to learn and very fun to do!  This is where we as a group raise up the vibration of unity and optimism.  

PART 4: Sharing.  Questions.  Answers.

Jackie Henderson Women in Unity

This presentation can be tailored for your corporate team building retreats and workshops, women’s group meetings, motivational conferences, and campus events.  

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