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Gym Equipments


Schedule Effective June. 17, 2024


9:00am - Pilates Mat Class Heather

5:30pm - Cardio Dance Jackie


4:30pm - Yasa Amy

5:30pm - Body Lab Jackie


9:00am - TRX Full Body Jackie

5:00pm - All Abs Jackie

5:30pm - Hip Hop Step Jackie



4:30pm - Toning Leah (starts 7/11)

5:30pm - Functional Training Jackie


9:00am - Hip Hop Step Jackie


8:30am - Soulness Jackie

9:30am - Cardio Dance Kate


8:30am - Body Centered Meditation Amy

Check online booking schedule for virtual class options. 


$20 - Single Class

$140 - 10 Class Card

$240 - 20 Class Card

Virtual Prices:

10 classes: $80

20 classes: $140


$15 for single class
$120 for 10 class card

$220 for 20 class card

Unlimited Classes


Only $99 a month

Military/Student/Teacher Rate:

$89 a month

SSC Membership

$70 a month

$49 a month for additional family members

All unlimited memberships recur monthly and can be canceled anytime. 

All Abs

30 minutes of core conditioning utilizing the TRX, weights and body weight exercises.  

Body Centered Mediation

A 45-minute mindfulness meditation focusing on breath work and gentle body movement.

Body Lab

A 45-minute sculpting, burning & strength building workout using no equipment only body weight exercises. This intense class is for those who who want to challenge their endurance, agility & power. 

Cardio Dance

A 55-minute high energy dance workout where each song has its own routine. Dance to reggae, hip hop, pop and Latin music in this sweaty workout that makes everyone smile while burning calories.  


Functional Training

This full-body & and high-intensity class uses your own bodyweight, TRX, weights, cardio drills, and resistant bands to build strength, endurance and power.


A 45-minute toning workout incorporating abs, Pilates and booty sculpting.

Hip Hop Step

This class takes the classic step aerobics workout and adds in old & new school hip hop music for a fun, funky, high-energy cardio 45-minute workout. Core work is included. 


A 55-minute deep stretch and tone workout using your own body weight. Paying mindful attention to perfect form and postural alignment when executing a full range of motion through dynamic flexibility and toning. The class ends with a body scan meditation. This workout is good for all fitness levels. 

TRX Full Body

A full-body workout using a suspension system created by the Navy Seals.  It’s an incredible bodyweight conditioning class for all levels.



A 60-minute flow of powerful dance stretches, body work, rhythmic isolations to develop powerful, strong & flexible bodies. The vibe is cool & energized in bumping electric dance beats.  

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Only $99 a month

Military/Student/Teacher Unlimited Pass 
$89 a month

SSC Membership 
$70 a month

$49 a month for each additional family member

All unlimited memberships recur monthly and can be canceled anytime. 

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