Gym Equipments


Schedule Effective Date January 10, 2021


9:30am - Soulness

3:30pm - Full Body Circuit

4:30pm - Barre Fitness

5:30pm - Cardio Dance


6:30am - Sculpting Interval Training with Leah

4:30pm - Hi-Lo Aerobics

5:30pm - Functional Training

6:30pm - Women's Circle


4:30pm - Barre Fitness

5:30pm - Soulness

6:45pm - Adult Hip Hop 



3:30pm - Full Body Circuit

4:45pm - All Abs

5:30pm - Hip Hop Step


6:30am - Total Body Training with Leah

9:30am - Hip Hop Step

5:30pm - Soulful Yoga with Mary  


8:30am - Soulness

9:30am - Cardio Dance 

All classes have virtual options EXCEPT Functional Training, Adult Hip Hop, and HIIT


$15 - Single Class

$120 - 10 Class Card

$200 - 20 Class Card

Virtual Prices:

10 classes: $60

20 classes: $100


$100 for 10 class card

$180 for 20 class card

Unlimited Classes:

Only $99 a month for 12 months

$49 a month for additional family members

Military/Student/Teacher Rate:

$89 a month for 12 months

SSC Membership

$70 a month for 12 months

Members with unlimited memberships can use the weight training area during specific class times. 

All Abs

30 minutes of core conditioning utilizing the TRX, weights and body weight exercises.  

Cardio Dance

A 55-minute high energy dance workout where each song has its own routine. Dance to reggae, hip hop, pop and Latin music in this sweaty workout that makes everyone smile while burning calories.  


Full Body Circuit

A 45-minute conditioning class utilizing weights, bands and body weight exercises in timed intervals.


Functional Training

This full-body & high-intensity class uses your own bodyweight, TRX, weights, cardio drills, and resistant bands to build strength, endurance and power.

Hi-Lo Aerobics

Taking old school with the cardio workout but be ready to sweat and burn lots of calories on this 45-minute workout! Core work is included.


Hip Hop Step

This class takes the classic step aerobics workout and adds in old & new school hip hop music for a fun, funky, high energy cardio 45-minute workout. Core work is included. 

Scultping Interval Training

Full body strengthening and toning in timed intervals


Soul Fitness

A 45-minute personal development class providing tools to handle life’s challenges. The topic is the same for the whole week and every week we do a new topic. Please bring a journal.

Soulful Yoga

Mary Leonti will be teaching a Vinyasa Yoga class with a Kundalini blend incorporating breathwork, chanting, meditation, and freestyle dance. 



A 55-minute deep stretch and tone workout using your own body weight. Paying mindful attention to perfect form and postural alignment when executing a full range of motion through dynamic flexibility and toning. The class ends with a body scan meditation. This workout is good for all fitness levels. 

Total Body Toning

Jane Fonda was right. Back to basics with full-body toning and sculpting exercises

Weight Training

A 45-minute power-packed, full-body workout incorporating TRX, weights, kettlebells, medicine balls, functional training, core and cardio conditioning.

Women's Circle

A weekly gathering of women to discuss the book "Imagine a Woman in Love With Herself".




Only $99 a month for 12 months

$49 a month for each additional family member

Military/Student/Teacher Unlimited Pass 

$89 a month for 12 months
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SSC Membership 

$70 a month for 12 months
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