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The In Between Times

Self Care Training for the Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Performers, and Professionals


Are you empowered by the big projects?


Love brainstorming and innovation?


Energized by long rehearsals and the big show?


And then there’s the recognition from your hard work!


That’s the icing on the cake.


But what happens when the project is over?


Those in between times.The low after the high.

When there’s no project. The applause is over.  It’s just you.


Do you jump to the next project.  Do you take time to recover?

Do you enjoy the down time or dread it?


Jackie teaches the importance of self-care practices.  She will provide creative ways for your staff to decompress, rejuvenate, and learn the art of appreciating the now.  Self care practices make professionals more productive and happier in the workplace.


BOOK a training with Jackie for your staff, crew, or for a corporate event!

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