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Gym Equipments



Since the pandemic hit, virtual classes have become an essential and helpful way to stay connected & engaged. And though in-person classes have resumed, virtual classes will remain an option for people who feel safer at home, live far away, or in quarantine.

Here are some things to know about Mist virtual classes:

  •  All virtual classes are live. This means the instructor is teaching in real time and interacts with both the home & in-person participants 

  • It is required that you sign up for classes at least 90 minutes before start time or you may not be added in to class.  

  • You must sign up for class through the Mist website or Mist on the MINDBODY app in order to be added to the virtual classes 

  • There are some classes that do not provide the virtual option but most do. You will notice this when registering for classes.  

  • For shy people: you can choose to keep your camera off so you can see the instructor and no one can see you.  This is helpful for those who want to try new classes or train with privacy.  

  • Remember when joining in virtually, everyone in the class hears everything going on in your house, it’s best to mute yourself when joining in.  

Platforms used: Zoom & Slack


Zoom - this platform is used for all workout classes including Barre, Soulness, Hi-Lo, Abs, Yoga, women’s circle & Weights. 

  • Zoom users will receive a zoom invite for each class the day of the class. 

  • Zoom invites are sent through either email or text     

  • Log into zoom 5 minutes before class start time and the instructor will add you into the meeting


Slack - this platform is used for hip hop step and cardio dance only. 

  • You will be sent an email invite to join Slack. Please accept the invite 

  • When you register for a class, you will be added to that class roster. 

  • Log on to Slack 5 minutes before class start time. Click on the class (slack calls it a channel or workspace). The instructor will call the group.  Then click join. 

  • Slack is now available on mobile devices including phones & tablets

  • Slack is available on computers and works best with Google Chrome


Virtual prices


Virtual classes are less expensive since you are joining in from home. 

  • $70 - 10 class card

  • $120 - 20 class card 

Equipment suggested

  • Barre: a mat, 3 lb weights, booty band, a ball (similar to a kick ball)

  • Weights: 3 sets of dumbbells (small, medium, large), a booty band, a mat, & a bench is optional but helpful 

  • Soulness: a mat, yoga strap, yoga bricks 

  • Abs: a mat, one small dumbbell, one heavy dumbbell 

  • Hip Hop Step: an aerobic stepper, we use the top platform 

  • Cardio dance: an open space to move freely

  • Hi-lo: an open space to move freely 

  • Women’s Circle: the book “Imagine a Woman in Love with herself”  which is available on Amazon. 

I hope this is helpful.  Please email Jackie if you have any other questions. 

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