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The Heart of Hip Hop


From 1997-1999, an NYC documentarian (Susan Cobey Williamson) followed and filmed the Off the Curb hip hop dance troupe and she produced The Heart of Hip Hop.  It showcased the challenges and amazing experiences of the dancers & the troupe creator Jackie Henderson. The documentary was featured on PBS and won countless film festival awards.  Now you can watch this documentary from my website!!! I would love to hear your feedback! Enjoy this uplifting and inspiring one-hour documentary.  


Jackie Henderson

Creator of the MIST Program


Jackie Henderson is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a specialization in holistic practices. Jackie is also a fitness trainer and dance choreographer of over 30 years. She inspires many with her high-energy & innovative classes, personal development workshops, and holistic coaching and counseling. The MIST program is a natural evolution of her love and commitment of integrating health & wellness on a mind, body, and soul level.

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