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Gym Equipments


Fountain of Fitness Youth

The class with Jackie Henderson was a great way to make you more mindful of your posture, stance, and different ways to handle stress! I highly recommend it for those suffering from inexplicable muscle aches and pains. Very informative!  - Debbie Stoker
Informative workshop...Raised my awareness of muscle imbalance vs 'maturity' as the root of aches/pains that can be alleviated with mindful posture and proper alignment/body mechanics. Would recommend. ~ Rebecca Marques
The workshop and Jackie's leadership provided so much understanding around how to be aware and evaluate your posture and aches and pains. Being mindful of how you stand and how what you do such as what you carry how you carry it effects so much more than what you would think. Thank you for all the awareness. I am mindful of so much now. No getting old and decrepit for me. ~ Karen Spohn
I want to let you know how much I enjoyed the Fountain of Fitness Youth Workshop.  You really put into prospective how important it is to be in tune with our bodies as we age.  And I have to tell you that the sit ups really hit the spot.  I really feel it today.  Thank you so much and I look forward to the next workshop 😄 ~ Annette Gaines

MIST Fitness Course Training

I certainly gained more self awareness from the Mist training. Becoming more self aware will only help you better meet the needs of your students. Additionally, I had never before given any thought to how emotional trauma can impact your fitness goals. I found that extremely interesting. I recommend this program to anyone in the fitness industry. Amazing experience that should not be missed! ~ Angela Fougere
The workshop was very informative, not only with gaining self awareness, but in becoming more in tune with my client (s). It also reminded me of how important it is to keep mindfulness at the forefront of each session/class (I teach group and individuals). I highly recommend this workshop to fitness trainers of every caliber. ~ Binky Dlubac
The training was very enlightening. We hear "be mindful" in many things we do...from eating to exercise. What does it mean??? Learn how and to be able to tell your class how or maybe you just want to learn for yourself. I know that I have "good genes" with a mother who can still wash her kitchen floor on her hands and knees or play on the floor with her great-grandchildren and still get up at age 92. Now I know why. Jackie gave us some powerful tools to live better, workout smarter and stay young at any age. Thank you again Jackie!! I have used your tips in many of my classes.  ~ Liz Ennis

Personal Training

Jackie has been an inspiration and gives me endless motivation. Every workout is different so you never get bored. She accommodates every need and has the ability to push you further than you ever thought you could go! I am stronger, healthier and happier thanks to Jackie's dedication and passion. ~ Amy Quintal
My training with Jackie has made me feel stronger than I ever have before. Each workout allows me to feel comfortable with what I am currently able to do while pushing me to challenge myself at the same time.  ~ Michele Smith
I've been working out with Jackie for several years, first at her club and now with private lessons. Jackie is knowledgeable about a full range of techniques and customizes these for areas needing attention.  She instructs with TRX, weights, Pilates, and exercises to build flexibility and balance. She makes each lesson challenging but enjoyable too. Jackie is a motivator and and excellent coach. I wouldn't consider anyone else for private lessons. ~ Karen Flippo
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